eyes on the prize

Lately, I’ve been tied down to my home state while trying to work to save up money, and pursue a college degree. Days where I’m not dreaming of new places are few and far between.

One word: STUCK

When you get caught up dealing with life and whatever it may throw your way, don’t stop doing what you love. –One more time for the people in the back, don’t stop doing what you love.- A lot of the times our home towns have a lot to offer and we don’t even realize it! Whenever I bump into new people, whether it’s at school, work, bars, or coffee shops, I ask them about their favorite places that are close by to keep my everyday lifestyle a little more exciting. Music venues, hikes, parks, springs, restaurants, shops, etc. Trying new things is always beneficial and you never know what you might find that you didn’t even know existed right near your own home just by word of mouth!


Little Big Econ State Forest, Geneva, FL

Another one of my strategies to not only help me get through the days, but also enjoy them for the time being, is to set goals(and reach them!)

  • short-term and long-term goals both give me something to work for and look forward to
  • reaching a goal is extremely rewarding, and the sense of accomplishment helps build self-esteem


Start laying out dates for your next trip, big or small, so that you know exactly how much time you have to prepare and save up for it. Having something to look forward to reminds us of why we get out of bed every morning, and that all of our hard work will pay off!

Moral: get lost even in your own home town, meet new people, set goals, enjoy everyday




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