When booking a flight…

As we all know it, flights will most likely account for draining the largest chunk of your trips budget, and if the price isn’t right, let’s be honest, we wont be going anywhere. If you are planning a trip soon that requires you to fly, finding the right one is one of the most important parts. After you finally put the check in that box and get it booked, everything else beings to fall together. So here’s what I have learned so far when it comes to conquering the flight monster:

Try to be Flexible 

If you plan on flying during busy times (Christmas, New years, etc) finding a good deal is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Airline companies are going to charge more and get away with it! You are always going to save money if you fly when others aren’t. So try to get out there when you know its an offseason(the shorter security lines are also a plus) and use sites like kiwi.com to find the beast deals.

If possible, try to be flexible with location as well. Like if you know you want to go to a certain country, look at the prices for every airport in said country. I saved around 200 bucks flying into Chiangmai in Thailand, rather than Bangkok.

Utilize budget airlines for shorter trips

I highly recommend taking this route. In the US I use names like frontier and spirit. You have to pay to check a bag, but usually I travel lightly, so if you are also one of those people, this is your way to go. Other countries have companies like this as well. One I have used abroad is Air Asia and have had no issues with it. So if you chose to fly from one city to another, or a neighboring country while you are abroad, ask locals which airlines they use for short trips and make sure you know all of your options.  

Take your time and research 

Flying is a form of legal highway robbery but I believe there’s always an alternate back road. Look at all of your options when booking, rather than just being spontaneous.

Lastly, most banks have credit cards that offer a percentage of what you spend returned to you as a travel credit. If you are already using the card for daily purchases like food and gas, you might as well get something back! It adds up quickly and its another awesome way to knock down the price of your air fare. So don’t be afraid to ask your bank.


Hope this helps



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