you get what you pay for

Do I believe a person needs to go out and spend thousands of dollars on photo equipment? It’s a no for me

With that being said, I also think a person shouldn’t go out there and buy the cheapest camera they can find either.

Theres a happy medium. If you want to upgrade your photos, get an average priced camera with good qualities and make yourself an expert at using it.Read the manual, ask people you know for pointers, watch youtube videos and get in the habit of taking it everywhere with you. practice.

Anyone is capable of learning. Don’t be afraid to be a badass at everything you do


To see one of the cameras I would recommend, Click here


One thought on “you get what you pay for

  1. I have a Nikon P900 and I love it :). It’s a coolpix so it’s just a point and shoot but it has the manual options for shutter speed, focus and aperture adjustments. And it has an AMAZING zoom with little sacrifice to quality. Good for getting that close up shot of that patriotic bald eagle with pit scaring it away! Or a sneaky sting operation on an ex lover. Or what ever. If that’s what you in to.


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