The Gift Of Galway

I arrived at the airport in Shannon and had no idea what to do where to go from there. It was 8am so I knew I at least had all day to figure it out. As soon as I got off the flight and went outside, I spotted an old man sitting on a bench, smoking, who appeared to be waiting for a bus. It was then I simply asked him “Where should I go?”

He recommended heading to Galway to start, mentioning there was plenty to do and pointing out that it would be easy to find a hostel to stay at as well. He told me he came to Ireland for the weekend, 25 years ago.

I thanked him for the help, went back inside the airport to a little vending machine that printed bus tickets, and got mine right then and there. It cost me $11 for the ticket, and the bus got there about 30 minutes later.

The ride was very smooth and there was a lot of beautiful, green scenery to watch pass by while looking out the window.IMG_8185


I managed to find this hostel when I finally got to Galway.filename-kinlay-hostel.jpg

After checking in, I ended up walking for the remainder of the day. I made sure to drink a Guinness (or 2) at the pub. Then by the time 6 or 7 rolled around I was so exhausted from all the travel, I felt disgusting, and I was ready to call it a day. So, that’s just what I did.

The next day I got on a bus and here’s what I saw:


After another day of covering a lot of ground, I’m calling it a day, early. Tomorrow I plan to migrate but I have yet to know where, or how. Stay tuned!






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