eyes on the prize

Lately, I’ve been tied down to my home state while trying to work to save up money, and pursue a college degree. Days where I’m not dreaming of new places are few and far between.

One word: STUCK

When you get caught up dealing with life and whatever it may throw your way, don’t stop doing what you love. –One more time for the people in the back, don’t stop doing what you love.- A lot of the times our home towns have a lot to offer and we don’t even realize it! Whenever I bump into new people, whether it’s at school, work, bars, or coffee shops, I ask them about their favorite places that are close by to keep my everyday lifestyle a little more exciting. Music venues, hikes, parks, springs, restaurants, shops, etc. Trying new things is always beneficial and you never know what you might find that you didn’t even know existed right near your own home just by word of mouth!

Little Big Econ State Forest, Geneva, FL

Another one of my strategies to not only help me get through the days, but also enjoy them for the time being, is to set goals(and reach them!)

  • short-term and long-term goals both give me something to work for and look forward to
  • reaching a goal is extremely rewarding, and the sense of accomplishment helps build self-esteem


Start laying out dates for your next trip, big or small, so that you know exactly how much time you have to prepare and save up for it. Having something to look forward to reminds us of why we get out of bed every morning, and that all of our hard work will pay off!

Moral: get lost even in your own home town, meet new people, set goals, enjoy everyday



Coffee On A Cliff

I think we can all agree it’s time to kick large corporations to the curb! Of course you don’t have to eliminate them from your lives completely, but for example, why choose a big name coffee shop when places like this exist….IMG_3682


This photo was taken not too long ago in Japan. It was mid day when I decided to take a walk along the water in the Kanagawa prefecture. Completely lost in thought and general appreciation for the beauty of a perfect day, 4 miles later I stumbled upon this coffee shop and of course, couldn’t turn it down. There is just something I love about tucked away mom and pop stores. It brings joy to me to support people who choose to do what they love for a living. This place was owned by an older couple, who made me feel more than welcomed, language barrier or not, and I thoroughly enjoyed the view of being hidden away on a hill.


Moral:Show love,Support Local Businesses, Make a friend


Don’t be afraid to get lost

There are countless numbers of hidden gems waiting to be uncovered while traveling. All of my favorite places I’ve seen were discovered on accident while walking aimlessly with little to nothing on my person. Not only do you get out there and soak in all of what your destination has to offer, but you also begin to blend in with the everyday lifestyles of wherever you are, rather than stand out like a tourist and only see the “main strip.”  Pushing people out of their comfort zone is something I am a die heart believer in. So strap on your favorite pair of shoes to walk in and create memories. Experience is something nobody can ever take away from you and that is something amazing to be grateful for at the end of the day.