The clothes on your back

Why I chose to only bring a backpack


You won’t need as much gear as you think you do.  Especially when it comes to clothes. Even as a female, I will say, when you start to pack all the shit from your closet, it’s just going to sit balled up in your bag. 

Migrating from place to place is easier with a lighter load. Sometimes you get caught in the rain. You could have to walk uphill or through sand on the beach. Whatever it is, rolling a huge suitcase will make your life a lot harder than it has to be, which is why I am a fan of the backpack.




So this is the one I use. It was very affordable and reliable. 65l is more than enough space and it comes with a rain cover which is a must (believe me) . The cushions make it comfortable on your back and you can adjust it according to your hight and what feels best for you. The waist strap comes with most bags but I usually don’t use it, some people do though. It has tons of pockets so you can reach the small things you have without having to dig around. And lastly, when you pull all the straps on the front and make them a bit tighter, it shrinks the bag down, making it fit really well into the overhead compartment of the plane. 

(I once thought it was a good idea to check my shit. When I had a layover and had to switch flights, my bag never switched with me. I went without luggage for 3 days and finally getting it back was a pain in the ass. Needless to say, I now always carry my stuff with me.) 

It’s easier to pack when the temperatures of your destinations are all within a close range. This will help you not have to take up more space carrying bathing suits and jackets at the same time.

Laundry. There are indeed places all over to wash clothes. Hostels often times offer laundry services for a few bucks or you can go to a laundromat. Do everyone around you a favor, take advantage of the washing machines. 

Getting what you need is not hard. Every place I’ve been to so far has had easy to get to convenient stores. So when you do run out of toiletries and shit, have no fear.

I usually make a list of things I want to bring, and then I cross stuff off as I go because I know I can do without. Everyone has different needs so there is no “one size fits all” but this is just the method behind my own madness. 





When booking a flight…

As we all know it, flights will most likely account for draining the largest chunk of your trips budget, and if the price isn’t right, let’s be honest, we wont be going anywhere. If you are planning a trip soon that requires you to fly, finding the right one is one of the most important parts. After you finally put the check in that box and get it booked, everything else beings to fall together. So here’s what I have learned so far when it comes to conquering the flight monster: Continue reading

eyes on the prize

Lately, I’ve been tied down to my home state while trying to work to save up money, and pursue a college degree. Days where I’m not dreaming of new places are few and far between.

One word: STUCK

When you get caught up dealing with life and whatever it may throw your way, don’t stop doing what you love. –One more time for the people in the back, don’t stop doing what you love.- A lot of the times our home towns have a lot to offer and we don’t even realize it! Whenever I bump into new people, whether it’s at school, work, bars, or coffee shops, I ask them about their favorite places that are close by to keep my everyday lifestyle a little more exciting. Music venues, hikes, parks, springs, restaurants, shops, etc. Trying new things is always beneficial and you never know what you might find that you didn’t even know existed right near your own home just by word of mouth!


Little Big Econ State Forest, Geneva, FL

Another one of my strategies to not only help me get through the days, but also enjoy them for the time being, is to set goals(and reach them!)

  • short-term and long-term goals both give me something to work for and look forward to
  • reaching a goal is extremely rewarding, and the sense of accomplishment helps build self-esteem


Start laying out dates for your next trip, big or small, so that you know exactly how much time you have to prepare and save up for it. Having something to look forward to reminds us of why we get out of bed every morning, and that all of our hard work will pay off!

Moral: get lost even in your own home town, meet new people, set goals, enjoy everyday



Coffee On A Cliff

I think we can all agree it’s time to kick large corporations to the curb! Of course you don’t have to eliminate them from your lives completely, but for example, why choose a big name coffee shop when places like this exist….IMG_3682


This photo was taken not too long ago in Japan. It was mid day when I decided to take a walk along the water in the Kanagawa prefecture. Completely lost in thought and general appreciation for the beauty of a perfect day, 4 miles later I stumbled upon this coffee shop and of course, couldn’t turn it down. There is just something I love about tucked away mom and pop stores. It brings joy to me to support people who choose to do what they love for a living. This place was owned by an older couple, who made me feel more than welcomed, language barrier or not, and I thoroughly enjoyed the view of being hidden away on a hill.


Moral:Show love,Support Local Businesses, Make a friend