you get what you pay for

Do I believe a person needs to go out and spend thousands of dollars on photo equipment? It’s a no for me

With that being said, I also think a person shouldn’t go out there and buy the cheapest camera they can find either.

Theres a happy medium. If you want to upgrade your photos, get an average priced camera with good qualities and make yourself an expert at using it.Read the manual, ask people you know for pointers, watch youtube videos and get in the habit of taking it everywhere with you. practice.

Anyone is capable of learning. Don’t be afraid to be a badass at everything you do


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Musicians on the Rise

I Met A Yetifullsizeoutput_175I love where I grew up and I love seeing new things. When you add the two together, you might just find yourself hearing some good ass music, in a hole in the wall somewhere downtown. This time I was at Wills.   It was pretty cool inside, covered with stickers from all over, had some hightop tables and a patio. All around it was a nice vibe. A few bands played their songs and it was a smooth night. But to me, it was extra awesome because my cousin, Luis, plays bass in one of the bands.

Here we are as kids hahahaimg_7129.jpg

Anyways, he’s all self-taught when it comes to music and everything his band plays is authentic and made completely from scratch.



I Met a Yeti. March 22,2018 Orlando,Fl

To me, there is nothing more incredible than seeing someone do what they love, and I witnessed just that. There’s more great things in store for these guys, and there is nowhere to go but up. fullsizeoutput_17bfullsizeoutput_17c.jpeg

All of the bands that played were pretty impressive. It gave me hope that there still is talent out there.I’m glad I went out to have a drink and take some photos. Keep kicking ass!

check out Yeti:here


also, if you are a lover of music, click ——->:Setlist Music Company






“Life is like a cactus: full of pricks but also very beautiful”

Yesterday I went to a new place that I’ve never seen. Needless to say, it was awesome.

So it came about from a plant in my backyard. My whole life I’ve had this aloe plant. I am by no means a plant expert, but I do know that aloe has a million different uses and I definitely have taken advantage of it over the years. I decided that I wanted to buy another, so I looked up a couple of potential plant nurseries to kill some time at. I found one not to far from my school, and headed over there after class.


Upon arrival, they handed me a basket and a map. The place had multiple green houses and was filled with cacti of all sorts. And from there, off I went, walking up and down the billions of rows of plants.


Here’s what I ended up walking away with.


My grand total was about $25 dollars. Like I said, I’m not an expert, but it seemed like a reasonable price, considering I was expecting to get to the register and be way more in the hole than that.

Anyways, try new things, see what the world really has to offer.

I’m posting this from lineage coffee shop, which I’m at for the very first time today to avoid sleeping for way too long.




The clothes on your back

Why I chose to only bring a backpack


You won’t need as much gear as you think you do.  Especially when it comes to clothes. Even as a female, I will say, when you start to pack all the shit from your closet, it’s just going to sit balled up in your bag. 

Migrating from place to place is easier with a lighter load. Sometimes you get caught in the rain. You could have to walk uphill or through sand on the beach. Whatever it is, rolling a huge suitcase will make your life a lot harder than it has to be, which is why I am a fan of the backpack.




So this is the one I use. It was very affordable and reliable. 65l is more than enough space and it comes with a rain cover which is a must (believe me) . The cushions make it comfortable on your back and you can adjust it according to your hight and what feels best for you. The waist strap comes with most bags but I usually don’t use it, some people do though. It has tons of pockets so you can reach the small things you have without having to dig around. And lastly, when you pull all the straps on the front and make them a bit tighter, it shrinks the bag down, making it fit really well into the overhead compartment of the plane. 

(I once thought it was a good idea to check my shit. When I had a layover and had to switch flights, my bag never switched with me. I went without luggage for 3 days and finally getting it back was a pain in the ass. Needless to say, I now always carry my stuff with me.) 

It’s easier to pack when the temperatures of your destinations are all within a close range. This will help you not have to take up more space carrying bathing suits and jackets at the same time.

Laundry. There are indeed places all over to wash clothes. Hostels often times offer laundry services for a few bucks or you can go to a laundromat. Do everyone around you a favor, take advantage of the washing machines. 

Getting what you need is not hard. Every place I’ve been to so far has had easy to get to convenient stores. So when you do run out of toiletries and shit, have no fear.

I usually make a list of things I want to bring, and then I cross stuff off as I go because I know I can do without. Everyone has different needs so there is no “one size fits all” but this is just the method behind my own madness. 




When booking a flight…

As we all know it, flights will most likely account for draining the largest chunk of your trips budget, and if the price isn’t right, let’s be honest, we wont be going anywhere. If you are planning a trip soon that requires you to fly, finding the right one is one of the most important parts. After you finally put the check in that box and get it booked, everything else beings to fall together. So here’s what I have learned so far when it comes to conquering the flight monster: Continue reading